But Here We Are

We stand on ledges.
Lost in the horizon.
Caught between beauty
And despair.
Holding back rivers.
Damming up the ocean in ourselves.

We don’t want to be seen like this.
But here we are.

We forget
We are beautiful.
Bearing the image of God.

God’s sorrow.
Surrendering love
To those most in need.
Imperfectly giving too much.
But it’s who we are.

In the muchness of it all,
We step back from that ledge.
Not for ourselves,
But for those
Who still need us.

It’s Raining Outside – Spoken Word

It was a particularly dark moment when I wrote this poem. I needed to remind myself of that which I have learned after all these years.

Breaking cycles is hardest on those who must do the breaking. In the end it’s worth it, and provides a better life for those who come after you.

Please enjoy.